Services & Rates

No editorial direction suits every author, and one benefit of self-publishing is that you get to decide which course to take. Here are my most popular editorial services, which serve the needs of most authors.

Developmental edits, one round: $0.01 per word

A thorough once-and-done round of edits. This includes line edits (though I always recommend utilizing a separate copyeditor as well), with plenty of comments throughout the manuscript, as well as a detailed edit letter. All edits are made with Track Changes on, so if you disagree with a revision, it’s easy to reject.

Developmental edits, two rounds: $0.015 per word

Second verse, same as the first: After you work on the first round of suggested revisions, send it back to me for another go-through. This is a more intensive option for the perfectionist authors out there, or for books in need of a little more TLC. With two rounds of edits, it’s inevitable that more typos will be spotted, more improvements will be suggested, and so forth.

Manuscript evaluation (beta reading): $50 per hour

This is a great option if you’re looking to shop your book to agents and publishers and want a professional opinion. At this level, I will be reading your book and providing a detailed feedback letter outlining its strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as offering suggestions to improve its salability. This service does not include line edits.

Not seeing an option that fits your needs?

No problem! Contact me, and we’ll figure out a service/payment balance that works for us both:

Payment info

At this time, I accept payment exclusively through Paypal.

Edits: I will invoice you for half of the amount upon receiving the book, to reserve your spot in my editorial schedule. The second invoice will be sent once edits are complete.

Manuscript evaluation: An invoice will be sent along with the feedback letter.